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1958 Born in Troyan, Bulgaria
1978 - 1983 Studied Art at the University of Veliko Tarnovo
University degree in Sculpture with Prof. Stanislav Pamukchiev
Additional course of study in Art, specifically painting, with Prof. Nenko Marov
1983 - 1989 Freelance Artist
1989 - 1993 Teaching post at the Comprehensive School for Fine Arts in Troyan, Bulgaria
1993 Freelance Artist, Designer and Owner of the furniture
today manufacturing company TerraArt 2001 Ltd. in Oreshak, Bulgaria
  Plamen Petrov has had five solo exhibitions and has taken part on various group exhibitions in Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Republik, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.
  Plamen Petrov has works of Art in the National Gallery in Sofia and Galleries in Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany, USA, Russia and Cyprus.


Atelier Artmosphera, 47 Berliner Allee, 40212 Dusseldorf, Germany, F +49 211 86 32 11 72, M +49 178 35 96 351